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Slots Machines with Free Spins Online


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Slots Planet Online is a great selection of slot machines from the series slots machines with free spins. This category is one of the most intense and popular in our games room. The high demand for such slots is greatly facilitated by the increased interest of players to slots of this kind, where gamers have additional chances to win. Even despite the fact that on the website of our club formally all spins are free, it is the prize spins that cause increased excitement among players. This article provides a detailed description of the service, as well as the characteristics of the second direction, which also applies the concept of free spins in the casino and which is typical only for gaming resources with real money gaming.

Two directions of free spins in online gambling: specificity and differences

So, in situations where there are reports in the online casino that a player will receive 15 free spins or some other number of them, we can talk about two completely different services. A common feature for each of them is only the fact that in each of the cases for the moves the player does not have to pay. The first version of the service, which uses the concept of free spins online, is a kind of reward or bonus from the casino. In the second case, and it is used on the website of our club, we are talking about free moves that perform the function of a prize game.

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Bonus free spins at the casino for visitors achievements

The use of free spins online as bonus rewards from the casino is quite an old and popular service. It is typical for those gaming resources that want to somehow increase the degree of interest of its visitors. At the same time, there are some different reasons why online casinos can reward or encourage players in this way. Here are just a few of the most common situations in which there may be a social message for each gamer that the player receives 15 free spins, 25 free spins or any other number from the paid game resource:

  • incentive bonus when registering or depositing a certain amount of money to your account;
  • the prize for winning the tournament held by the online casino between its visitors;
  • lottery winnings or promotions that regularly occur on the sites of most paid gambling resources;
  • consolation prize at the big spent gambling, amount, intended to raise the mood of the user.

Let us note once again that all the options listed above concern only those situations when it comes to paid casinos. For free resources, such a system of encouragement is meaningless, because here all the spins made by players are free.

Slots machines with free spins: classic bonus from manufacturers

The second case, in which the concept of free spins in the casino is applied, are directly gaming bonuses inherent in the program of slots by the developers themselves. This option is used in online casino Slots Planet Online, as there is promoted exclusively free gaming demos online machines. These free spins are triggered in various combinations in the process of the main game. Most often, they become available when a certain number of scatters or other special characters appear. At the same time, there is an incredible number of additional conditions under which free spins are held online in this category. Most often, these bonus games are accompanied by the following features:

  • prolongation of free spins, available at the repeated loss of the required combination;
  • activation of the multiplier that applies to all payments;
  • the vesting of certain characters special abilities or the appearance of new characters with such functions.

All of these conditions not only increase the chances of players to win big but also give a variety of gaming process and improve the mood of gamers.

Win free spins online on free slots: a pleasant surprise to cheer you up

Free spins at Slots Planet Online casino, where playing on all online slots is already offered without payment obligations and registration, play a more psychological than the real role. This way to encourage players gives them confidence in their abilities and increases the flow of adrenaline that increases vitality. Also, using the demo version of slots with free spins, players have the opportunity to study the gameplay in detail. Based on this analysis, it is possible to develop an effective strategy for the game for further gaming on paid resources. Therefore, do not miss a good opportunity to fully enjoy the online simulators with free spins provided on the website of our club!